In the implementation of project activities, it is planned to engage culture and cultural heritage as a resource to activate young people from ethnic communities (Bulgarians, Roma, Karakachans, and Turks) for innovative entrepreneurship. The initiation of a new manifestation of cultural creativity and cultural entrepreneurship is envisioned - the Economuseum, a new business format borrowed from the Norwegian partner, who has implemented 13 Economuseums in Norway. The format is based on the intangible cultural heritage and crafts of the four ethnic communities, allowing them to practice cultural traditions in an economically viable and sustainable way. Fifteen members of the beneficiary's expert staff will be trained in entrepreneurship in the cultural industries and qualitative interpretation of heritage. This training will be based on criteria and standards accepted by the international community, in harmony with documents from UNESCO, ICOMOS, FARO conventions of the EU, etc. The training will also include the acquisition of techniques for attracting audiences, according to the project-developed audience engagement plan.