Overall Goal

The overall goal of the project is enhanced local development, social inclusion, and employment for young people in Kotel, participation of ethnic groups in cultural projects, and improvement of their access to culture.
Specific Project Objectives:
1.Support the preservation, management, presentation, and access of diverse cultural heritage in Kotel by introducing a new business format for the expression of local creative industries - the Economuseum. This aims to stimulate innovative cultural entrepreneurship and present the rich cultural heritage of local ethnic communities (Bulgarians, Roma, Turks, Karakachans, etc.).
2.Build capacity/training to improve public access to culture and cultural content as part of European identity. Implement a new cultural event, "Vision and Sound."
3.Plan the development and attraction of new audiences, with a focus on cultural diversity, and strengthen relations between the donor country (Norway) and the beneficiary country (Bulgaria).